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Aquatic Accessibility Equipment

Our product catalog has a great  selection of aquatic access equipment.  Aqua Creek, SR. Smith, Aquatic Access and more.

 Excellent alternative to enter the pools through the access ramps or to enjoy a walk along the shore of the beach. 


Colorful water bikes,  are an excellent for pool workouts. Burn calories and improve the cardiovascular health.  

Our Mission

At PooLift Puerto Rico we are committed to help achieving full inclusion in equal conditions and opportunities for those with limited mobility  to enjoy indoor and outdoor activities that include access to pools, spas, and beaches. The elimination of physical barriers requires effort and cooperation on the part of public and private sectors as a social awareness.

Together, we can accomplish that mission.

Iraida Dávila Hernández

Blog & News

Noticias informativas sobre accesibilidad acuática, inclusión y otros temas.

New Products

Revolution Lift XL Renovada

Nueva Revolution Lift XL En los pasados meses el fabricante Aqua Creek Products dio a conocer su nuevo y mejorado modelo Revolution Lift XL sustituyendo

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New Products

Fit with Protone

Muchas veces cuando asistía a un gimnasio podía observar que no habían equipospara ejercitarse diseñados para personas en silla de ruedas. En una ocasión vi

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Our Gallery

PooLift Puerto Rico is proud to be part of a movement of inclusion and access for all those who want to enjoy water activities. Thirteen years and counting….


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